Where's Your Resolution?

by The 1221 Amor

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The Bands Debut EP.


released January 14, 2014

All Songs Written by Tom Dowler & Ed Lee
Produced & Recorded by Alan Forrest @ Fox Rehearsal Rooms
Backing Vocals on Agoraphobia by Neil Vernon (Icons)

Massive thanks for our Friends, Families and Comrades on the Underground who support us! And also to you downloading this now! Thank you!



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The 1221 Amor Leicester, UK

The 1221 Amor are an Emotive Punk outfit from Leicester in the UK. Flirting with ethereal beauty and political intrigue, Influenced by Grunge, Punk and Hardcore from past decades.

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Track Name: Trouble in Blüdhaven
I think I’ve outgrown this life
but not what you think of me
I don’t want to be the one that you think of
when you think of all the things gone wrong.

Can you tell that I’m scared
All I have is this hole in my head
all that we see are the kids in the streets
who think that no-one cares
all they need is one of us to be there.

I’ve seen valhalla at the top
it’s hard to see through the smog
I won’t walk those steps to save myself
I’ll stay down here with everyone else
Track Name: The Road, The River
We’ll walk this road into town
past the broken sign
past the people’s furrowed brows
This road’s become a river
and I’m wading back to you
I’d fly home on rusted wings
for fear I’d never known.

Bring life to these streets
Bring life to these streets

Everything we ever knew
is falling down around you
tied our wrists to concrete blocks
and thrown ourselves into the docks
we’ll set the city a light
take any chance to prove we’re right
Track Name: Coup De Grâce
We’ve been blue collar
white collar.
We’ve ripped the collars from our necks
Still we’re pulling weight
from sand where we would sink.
and they don’t believe us
when we tell them it’s harder than they think

So where do we look for help when we’re stuck
they won’t pay attention when we tell them that we’re fucked
Track Name: Where's Your Resolution?
I wish I was more than just skin and bone
organs more at home in plastic bags
sold to the highest bidder and left to rot.
Watching the world from an air tight cell

I wish I was more than just skin and bone
organs more at home in plastic bags
sold to the highest bidder and left to rot.
Watching the world from an air tight cell

I came to terms with
not saving everyone
and I hate myself
for going it alone.

Am I intelligent or troubled.
But I can’t find solace
in celebration of our decent.
And we watch the upper tiers
laugh and cheer,
while we blindly follow
for fear we’ll never see again
Track Name: Agoraphobia
Don’t walk through the waves cause you know I can’t follow
not without your hand
I’ll stand here alone in fear my toes gripping at the sand
But every grain falls away,
And I’m silenced against the deafening roar of
a thousand desperate lungs

I’ll fight to be heard.
sing and shout, I won’t waste a word.

If we carry on like this there will be nothing left
the world begins to cave in and swallow
I’ve lost it now, and trust is far beyond
I’ll find a place where I’m known
And If I find myself alone
I’ll find her, hold her and defy the world